Personal Defense includes a variety of different types of activities. Mental awareness, physical agility, use of force, and firearms training are all included. First Line Personal Defense Training is dedicated to presenting a variety of training certified by the National Rifle Association. This training includes both firearms and non-firearms training.

Knowledge, skills, and attitude are the cornerstones to self-defense. Learn how to use these three key items in protecting yourself and your family.

Take advantage of smaller class sizes that allow you to have the individualized attention you need to learn and achieve your goals.  Don’t be part of the large crowd competing for range time or the instructors attention.

Basic Pistol

Basic Pistol instruction for new students or individuals returning to the shooting sports. Learn about types of pistol, which is right for you, basic shooting techniques, sight picture, sight alignment, and more

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Personal Protection

Learning many skills and methods to protect yourself and others in your home. This covers areas in relation to setting up a safe room, behaving in a safe and aware manner, legal aspects of home protection.

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Self Defense

Refuse to Be a Victim provides basic skills and awareness techniques to assist in reducing the opportunities for being a victim of criminal activity.

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